Integrity Forum


The CSU College of Business Integrity Forum is a themed week-long event held annually in the Fall semester, sponsored by the Daniels Fund Ethics Initiative. The purpose of the Forum is to instill a high standard of ethics in Business Students, preparing them to lead with integrity in the face of ethical dilemmas.

Ways to Get Involved

Attend Integrity Forum Activities

Integrity Forum takes place in the Fall semester. The event typically includes: a keynote address from a top leader in business, ethics, and/or social justice; and activities challenging students to overcome ethical dilemmas.

Attend Ethics Conferences

There are two Ethics Conferences in the Fall every year: The West Point National Conference on Ethics in America and The Daniels Fund Ethics Consortium Summit. Students must apply to attend.

Compete in an Ethics Challenge

There are two Ethics Challenges that take place in the Fall and Spring every year: The Otterbox Ethics Case Challenge and the Daniels Fund Undergraduate and Graduate Ethics Case Challenge.

Pictured: Bill Daniels, a lifelong champion of ethical behavior in business and life.

About the Daniels Fund Ethics Initiative

The Daniels Fund Board of Directors established the Initiative in 2009 to continue Bill Daniels’s legacy of compassionate and ethical business practices. The initiative’s primary objective is actively engaging students in principle-based education that creates a solid foundation in ethics they can draw from throughout their careers.

Daniels Fund Ethics Initiative Principles


Act with honesty in all situations


Build trust in all stakeholder relationships


Accept responsibility for all decisions


Maintain open and truthful communications


Engage in fair competition and create equitable and just relationships


Honor the rights, freedoms, views, and property of others

Rule of Law

Comply with the spirit and intent of laws and regulations


Create long-term value for all relevant stakeholders