Dean’s Volunteering Honor Society

Dean’s Volunteering Honor Society

The Dean’s Volunteering Honor Society (DVHS) is a club that allows you to volunteer at events within the College of Business and within the community of Fort Collins.

The ultimate goal of the Dean’s Volunteering Honor Society is to provide the student with valuable experiences that volunteering presents with the hope that one will be able to set themselves apart for future employers.

Requirements to Join DVHS

  1. Must be enrolled as a College of Business student
  2. $10 one-time entry fee (covers your DVHS t-shirt)

Requirements to Stay in Good Standing

  1. Only need to complete 10 hours of volunteering per semester
    • Using DVHS-sponsored volunteering opportunities

Why Join DVHS?

  1. Resume Builder
    • More often than not those with more volunteering experience will stand out and look more appealing to the employer as a potential staff member.
    • These gained insights will go far for the member in their future career since nowadays more than ever employers look at the volunteering experience that a potential employee has.
  2. Convenient Way to Give Back
    • You can pick and choose which volunteering opportunities to do while we do all the administrative work.
    • One should strongly consider joining this group because it will provide a boost in character and insight to the member.
    • Volunteering will create well-rounded human beings since they have had experience helping others.

If you would like to join, please fill out this interest form, and we will reach out to you.

If you have any questions, please reach out to our Community Service Chair at Thank you!

Volunteer Opportunities

You can find all the DVHS volunteering opportunities here.

Your Current DVHS Standing

You can find your current standing within DVHS here.