Networking Events

We organize events such as Business Day, Donuts with the Dean, and Integrity Month where students can network with business leaders.

COB Improvements

Every year, we ask students what improvements they want in the college and create or advocate for change.

Community Service

We organize the annual CANS Around the Oval COB Student Organization Competition and volunteer with local causes, such as Special Olympics.

Networking Events

The purpose of these events is to provide students opportunities to connect with and learn from business leaders in their fields of interest.



Business Day is a day-long professional networking event held annually in April for the entire CSU student body and Fort Collins Community. The event, themed differently every year, consists of speakers and other opportunities to engage with top industry professionals and firms at the forefront of their industries.



Integrity Forum is a themed week-long event held annually in the Fall, sponsored by the Daniels Fund Ethics Initiative. The purpose of Integrity Forum is to instill a high standard of ethics in Business Students, preparing them choose the harder right over the easier wrong in the face of ethical dilemmas.



Donuts with the Dean occurs once a semester and provides business students the opportunity to get to know the Dean while enjoying complimentary donuts and coffee.

College Improvements

Every year, we ask students what improvements they want in the college and create or advocate for change.

Tell us what you want improved in the college.

Community Service

Colorado State and the Fort Collins Community have provided us with so many opportunities. Now it is our turn. We are committed to being actively and positively present in the college and community by supporting local causes that have personal meaning to our members and college community.

CANS Around the Oval

CANS Around the Oval is a campus-wide fundraiser for the Larimer County Food Bank held annually in October. DSLC organizes the College of Business CANS Around the Oval Student Organization Competition and raises money for the food bank.

Special Olympics Polar Plunge

The Polar Plunge is a Fort Collins community fundraiser for Special Olympics held annually in October. Each DSLC member is required to raise a minimum of $75 and attend the event where they take the plunge in freezing cold water.