Join Us



  • Student in CSU College of Business
  • Enrolled in at least 12 credits
  • Minimum GPA of 3.0

Time Commitment

  • Attend weekly meetings on Wednesdays, 4-5pm
  • Attend all major events
  • Attend monthly socials
  • Attend committee meetings as determined by chair
  • 3-5 hours of tabling per semester

Strong Candidate

  • Commitment to serving CSU Business Students
  • Inclusive of all identities, skills, abilities, and contributions
  • Strong leadership potential
  • Record of leadership
  • Record of community service

Application Process

Applications open once per semester. There are two rounds in the application process: the written application and the interview.

Round 1: Written Application

Applicants will submit a written application. An application review committee (comprised of current members) will review the applications and select applicants to interview. Applicants are notified whether or not they will receive an interview.

Round 2: Interview

Interviews take place on one day and times are scheduled based on interviewee availability. The interview is 20 minutes long and is conducted by a committee of 4-5 current DSLC members. Interviewees will be notified of whether or not they receive membership on the day of the interview.

  • Applications Open

    August 1, 2023

  • Application Due

    September 5, 2023 at 11:59 PM

  • Interviews

    September 15, 2023

  • Selection Notice

    September 18, 2023


DSLC has 9 different leadership positions. Members of the leadership team are required to attend a one-hour long leadership meeting every week. The meeting day/time is decided each year by members based on schedules. All members have the opportunity to run for a leadership position at the end of Spring semester. Leadership candidates are required to give a speech regarding the position they intend to run for and council votes.

Executive Positions



Oversees events, runs meetings, and meets with Dr. Mallette (faculty advisor) & Dean Walker consistently.


Vice President

Assists the President, serves as the substitute president if the President is unable to attend a meeting, and oversees recruitment.



Manages and budgets the funds for DSLC. All purchases made for DSLC must be approved beforehand by the Treasurer.



Takes meeting minutes, tracks and enforces member attendance, and plans DSLC socials and retreats.

Chair Positions


Marketing Chair

Oversees the Marketing Committee, which designs and distributes all marketing materials, updates the website, posts on DSLC social media, and works closely with CSU MarComm.


Business Day Chair

Oversees the Business Day Committee, which organizes Business Day. They are in charge of choosing the theme, booking the speakers, planning the day, reserving rooms, and coordinating member tasks.


Community Service Chair

Oversees the Community Service Committee, which organizes CANS Around the Oval, the Polar Plunge, and seeks new opportunities to serve the college and FOCO community.


New Venture Chair

Oversees the New Venture Committee, which organizes Donuts with the Dean, coordinates Academic Integrity Month, and implements the annual College of Business Improvement Project.



Alternative Transportation Fee Advisory Board (ATFAB): DSLC appoints one DSLC member to serve on this board each academic year. ATFAB is responsible for providing guidance concerning University transportation to the President of ASCSU.

Alumni Events: DSLC hosts Alumni events in connection with the Office of Development, throughout the semester to connect with alumni from the College of Business and CSU as a whole. 


Buddies: New DSLC members are assigned a buddy (current DSLC member) to help them transition into council and support them and their growth during their time on council.

Business Day: Business Day is a day-long professional networking event held annually in April for the entire CSU student body and Fort Collins Community. The event, themed differently every year, consists of speakers and other opportunities to engage with top industry professionals and firms at the forefront of their industries.


CANS Around the Oval: CANS Around the Oval is a campus-wide fundraiser for the Larimer County Food Bank held annually in October. DSLC organizes the College of Business CANS Around the Oval Student Organization Competition and raises money for the food bank.


Dinner with the Dean: Dean Walker treats DSLC members to dinner with her once a semester to celebrate council accomplishments. Depending on the date, new members are invited to the dinner for their official welcome to DSLC.

Donuts with the Dean: Donuts with the Dean occurs once a semester and provides business students the opportunity to get to know the Dean while enjoying complimentary donuts and coffee.

DSLC (Dean’s Student Leadership Council): DSLC is a group of undergraduate College of Business (COB) student leaders who serve as the voice of their peers. Their purpose is to empower COB students to have a say in determining their academic, social, and professional opportunities in the College of Business.

DSLC Scholarship: The DSLC Scholarship was founded by three DSLC alumni: Matthew Hoppal, Joseph Garcia, and Sean Hogan. Once the endowment is completed, the scholarship will be given out each year to a council member.

DSLC Google Drive: The Google Drive serves as the place where members can access all information, documents, schedules, and marketing materials for DSLC.


GLC (Global Leadership Council): Dean Walker hosts the Global Leadership Council, a board of highly successful individuals that genuinely care about the success of the COB and its students, once a semester. DSLC volunteers throughout the day to help make sure that the GLC meeting is running smoothly. On occasion, members are invited to attend luncheons and/or a reception with GLC members. This has proven to be a valuable networking opportunity for DSLC members.


Integrity Month: Integrity Month is a month long event held annually in October, sponsored by the Daniels Fund Ethics Initiative. The purpose of Integrity Month is to instill a high standard of ethics in Business Students, preparing them choose the harder right over the easier wrong in the face of ethical dilemmas.


Polar Plunge: The Polar Plunge is a Fort Collins community fundraiser for Special Olympics held annually in October. Each DSLC member is required to raise a minimum of $75 and attend the event where they take the plunge in freezing cold water.


RamLink: RamLink is CSU’s way of registering as a student organization. It is managed by the President, VP, and Treasurer, but members are encouraged to join on the site. 


Senate: DSLC is responsible for appointing all Senators and Associate Senators that represent the College of Business in ASCSU. Each semester, DSLC works with the Senate Recruitment and Retention Officer to identify and fill any open College of Business Seats in the Senate. DSLC recruits individuals to join senate through emails, posters, and announcements. Once a month, the Senators come into the DSLC meeting from 4:00-4:20pm to update DSLC on the bills on the senate floor and get our feedback on how the College would like to vote on the matters.


University Technology Fee Advisory Board (UTFAB): DSLC appoints one DSLC member to serve on this board each academic year. UTFAB supports campus-wide technology projects and initiatives.

University Facility Fee Advisory Board (UFFAB): DSLC appoints one DSLC member to serve on this board each academic year. UFFAB provides guidance and advice concerning the University Facility Fee to the Vice President of Administrative Services.